Veredus means Italian design and excellent product for horses

Veredus is a renowned Italian producer of equestrian equipment with over 30 years of tradition and widely known products across the world. Their advantage is producing the most popular boots for horses that protect them from injuries.

What makes Veredus special? The unique Italian design and high durability of their products, as well as a rich offer of accessories and special care products.

The most important models of horse boots are Olympus and Carbon Gel. Veredus Olympus boots are high-quality boots that provide excellent protection for the horse’s legs – including tendons. Their anatomical shape and the Ricotest certificate, as well as the solid fastening with pegs, provide the horse with comfort and the rider with assurance. This product is allowed for use in FEI jumping competitions.

Veredus Carbon Gel & Veredus Olympus boots for horse
Veredus Carbon Gel & Veredus Olympus boots for horse

The Carbon Gel model has a carbon insert and special gel that absorbs vibrations. It protects the horse’s cannon bone and tendons from injuries. As most riders know, protection from injuries is crucial for race horses and it decides their general shape and condition.

The brand pays attention to ecology and ethics, producing the Save the Sheep line, which is wholly made of synthetic leather in the shape of fur imitation sheep wool. The leather is very delicate, skin-friendly for the horse, and the inside is nice-to-the-touch and does not cause chafing. The design is high-quality, as always, and the comfort for the pet is optimal.

The producer takes holistic care of the horses, offering special care products for them. You will find here clays, rubs, shampoos, and hoof grease. The shampoos get rid of dirt and discoloration from the coat and the effect lasts up to two weeks. You will also find shampoos for gray horses. They clays soothe irritations after physical effort or injuries, and hoof grease revives and softens the horse’s hooves, depending on the type. Special rubs soothe the horse after intense training and decrease swelling of the muscles. Among the care products, you will also find special hoof oils and other preparations for the mane and tail such as dry or foam shampoos, combs for braiding and mane, anti-dandruff sprays, or volume products. As you can see, Veredus specializes in products for horses, both for basic care and for beautifying your pet.

Innovative technologies, paying attention to detail, and cooperating with renowned riders bore fruits in the form of a wide range of assortment of the producer and brought them so much popularity.