Horse riding pants

Tights or breeches, or it doesn’t really matter?

Horse riding is a fascinating sport. For pet lovers, it can become both a relaxing and demanding way of spending time. You should have a special outfit for horseback riding due to which the sport would be comfortable.

Horse riding – pants and their short story

The basic element of every person on a horse were pants called breeches. And they still are. Their material and cut have changed, though. Breeches were modeled on army uniform pants and they were usually made of thick cotton. They were not always as close-fitting as they are now. The Neapolitan Army had the most impact on equestrian clothing. Some of the models had special widenings above the knees that formed the so-called “puffs.” So, breeches have come a transformation from their original version. How do they look today?

Breeches nowadays

Example of men’s classic breeches

Nowadays, breeches resemble pantyhose, which are very close-fit. They do not have seams on the inner side. They are made of all sorts of materials. You can pick them accordingly to the season. Winter breeches, the so-called softshell, are made of warm material that drains moisture to the outside and is resistant to dirt. In the summer, you have full freedom of choice – traditional denim with stretch, technical materials providing breathability for the skin, and many, many others. Such breeches have also antibacterial properties and they model the body. What is more, some parts of the legs and thighs may be especially prone to chafing while riding. This is why breeches are strengthened with better quality material in these places.

Riding tights – only for the beginning?

Example of riding tights. Pikeur Gia Grip presented on the photo above.

Riding tights are quite a recent product. They might provide better comfort while riding. Today’s models usually match the breeches quality-wise. They are made of close-fit materials that provide adhesiveness in the saddle. The main difference between breeches and horse riding tights is the lack of buttons and/or zippers. There might be a drawcord that would allow you for adjustment and a better fit. Tights design also has a wider waist than there is in breeches.

Breeches or tights?

While choosing equestrian pants, you should analyze your goals. When you want to take up horse riding as a profession or you know you will stick to it long-term because you simply love it, it might be better for you to buy breeches. However, tights would be perfect for beginners, who have just started to feel the love for equestrianism. While buying equestrian pants, you should also consider your financial abilities. Equestrian tights are cheaper than typically technical breeches. However, both breeches and tights come in many colors. The offer of sports stores is so vast that we are absolutely sure every horse riding freak will find the pair of pants meeting their needs and expectations.