Horse in outdoor rug on a paddock

Rug for horse – what is it, types of rugs, rugs producers

Rug protects the horse. You could compare it to a jacket or coat worn by people. It covers the back, croup, and part of the horse’s neck. Rugs can be made of various materials. They are used in all seasons depending on their materials and thickness. Rugs should be matched to the horse’s needs, but also to the weather and season. The used material needs to be of high quality, durable, and tear-resistant. Horse rugs come in many patterns and colors. Using a rug minimizes the risk of cooling the horse’s organism and consequent colds.

Types of rugs for the intended use:

Horse in outdoor rug from Busse Reitsport

Paddock rugs / Outdoor rugs – they provide the horse with thermal comfort on the paddock in fall and winter. You have to remember that the horse’s organism quickly adapts to changes, so if you dress him regularly in paddock rugs, it might lead to him catching a cold without such protection. Breathing material allows for training without the horse sweating too much. With a fleece lining, the horse will be warm even in low temperatures. Paddock rugs are made of cotton or fleece and come in various thicknesses, so you should easily pick one that would be appropriate for the given weather.

Eskadron stable rug

Stable rugs – they are thinner than paddock rugs and are made of much more breathable materials. They can be used before competitions or for shaven horses. A horse provided with thermal comfort will be relaxed and calm, which should allow for harmonious regeneration between training sessions.

Training rug made by Busse

Training rugs – they are used on horses training outside on cold days.

Types of rug for the used material:

Cotton rug made by Unicorn Equestrian

Cotton rugs protect the horse from dust on the paddock and from insect bites. They can also be used in training. There are rain rugs and cotton rugs with fleece bottom available on the market. They would provide better thermal comfort.

Horse in Eskadron Heritage fleece rug

Fleece rugs are perfect for training horses, no matter the weather. They can also be used in order to heat the muscles after intense effort. On the market, there are available rugs with resistant to rain outside layer and fleece inside layer, which makes them two things: waterproof and warm.

Bucas horse mesh rug (anti-fly rug)

Mesh rugs protect from insects. They are mostly used in spring and summer. Mesh rugs protect the horse from stingy flying bugs, improving the horse’s comfort on a paddock.

Popular producers of rugs: Busse, Jackson, Eskadron, Pfiff, Waldhausen, Horze, HKM, Eurostar, Kavalkade and Kerbl.