Long riding boots

Riding boots or jodhpurs – check which would be the better choice

Horse riding is a sport discipline and just like any other sport, it requires proper footwear. Proper clothing provides not only comfort but most of all safety. Here, shoes are divided into riding boots and jodhpurs.

 In the further parts of this text, you will find out what characterizes a given type of equestrian shoes and how riding boots and jodhpurs are different from one another, as well as which shoes would be better for you if you are starting your equestrian adventure.

Christian Ahlmann in Animo Italia riding boots advertising campaign

Classic riding boots are long and durable, usually made of leather. It provides high comfort in the case of the horse stepping on you and make the seat easier while riding. Riding boots stiffen the ankles and protect the calves. They will be perfect for both professional competitions and amateur training sessions. These shoes are usually made of leather, rarely of other materials, because of the needed amount of material (because they are knee-length), they are more expensive than jodhpurs. Riding boots have additional inserts that allow for a better fit to the rider’s legs. The biggest advantage of classic riding boots is their durability, as they will surely serve you for years. What is important is that it is possible to adjust this type of shoes to your personal needs – they can be tailored – but as you can imagine, this option has an additional fee and is really expensive. There is a vast range of riding boots offer on the market, which is why you should be able to fit them to your size, shape, and width of your feet, as well as the type of instep.

Example of short riding boots made by Busse Reitsport (so-called jodhpurs)

Jodhpurs are shorter, ankle-length shoes for horse riding. They have a flat sole or a slight heel. This type of shoes supports the ankles less than classic riding boots, which is important to keep in mind during competitions – especially jumping and cross. Jodhpurs are recommended for the summer, as your feet would not sweat as much as in riding boots. Jodhpurs can be made of natural or synthetic leather or rubber. You can use just the shoes while working in the stable or tending to the horse but for riding, you need to wear chaps as well. Chaps are protectors that along with jodhpurs can replace riding boots. Important factors to consider while buying a pair of jodhpurs are the non-slip sole, stable heel, and stiffen front. These shoes are easier to put on and take off and because they have less material, the risk of chafing of wrong fit is minimal.

To sum up, while looking for shoes for horse riding, you need to consider your own preferences. If you want to choose between the classic riding boots and jodhpurs, it would be best to go to a store and try some on, even if you finally buy a pair on-line. It is a very serious choice to make as it is to provide safety and satisfaction of riding. Thus, you should try on both types of shoes and only then decide which kind is more comfortable. It is believed that classic riding boots are designed for professional equestrianism, but believe us – nothing should stop you from using them for recreation if you want to.