Horse accessories like bits and horsshoes

Basic equestrian equipment. List of necessary accessories for every rider!

Undoubtedly, horseback riding has become exceptionally popular lately. Both young and adult people mount the horses back either for health reasons or as a lovely hobby. Some treat equestrianism as a form of recreation, but others do it professionally. Regardless of the form, everybody needs the necessary accessories for horse riding. What equipment constitutes the basis for a young rider?

Necessary equestrian equipment – Here is a list of essential accessories for every rider!


Kingsland pull-on breeches (so-called riding leggings)

You should remember that breeches are nothing more than seamless pants that provide the rider with excellent adhesion and comfort while riding. Because of breeches it is easy to get the proper seat. All that due to a slightly thicker fabric while compared to regular leggings that we wear casually. Every person, who plans on starting horse riding, should invest in proper breeches. In this case, the choice might be a bit complicated as there are various grips (knee, full). For beginners, we recommend breeches with a full grip, most preferably silicone or suede one, as the full grip guarantees maximal safety and optimal comfort, which would translate into pleasant riding. Apart from choosing the type of grip, you can also choose a type of cut –puffier (slightly looser around the thighs) and the so-called tights (close-fit).

Long horse riding boots
A girl wearing typical riding shoes, the so-called jackboots


Riding shoes highlight the rider’s style. Jodhpurs are ankle shoes while jackboots are knee-high. You could imagine that jodhpurs would be a more comfortable and more versatile type of shoes, however, you should buy chaps so that would protect your legs in the same way classic riding boots do. Riding shoes should also have a slight high heel that would protect your feet from slipping out of the stirrups. Equestrian equipment should provide you with maximal safety. So which option is worth choosing? Jackboots are made of genuine leather, most usually calfskin. You can differentiate them into dressage and versatile riding boots. They are characterized by unique durability and quality. It is the more expensive investment but one you could use for many years to come. If you opt for jodhpurs, you must buy chaps to go with them. Without the chaps, you can only move on the ground in jodhpurs, e.g. in the stable. They have a stable heel and hard toe box, which is why if they are made of high-quality genuine leather and you team them with chaps, they will become just as functional as jackboots.

Girl in typical dressage coat

Riding jacket

A high-quality riding jacket would be essential on cold days. It is not a necessary element of the equestrian equipment, but it is definitely worth buying one so that your outfit is more complete and so that it would provide you with proper airflow when the weather is unfavorable. The best choice would be a versatile riding jacket of a simple cut. It is good to go for soft colors that are not too standing out too much. That would allow you to match the jacket with breeches of any color. You could also take care of the jacket having a hood that would protect your head in case of the rain.

Girl in breeches holding a riding helmet in her hands


Protecting the head is crucial not only for beginners but for the professional riders too. You never know how the horse would react to unpredictable circumstances and if the ride would not end with a fall. You could say that a helmet is the most important element of the equestrian equipment. While buying one, you should pay attention if the product has a certificate. What is the difference between a helmet and a toque? They look different while protecting the head just the same. Helmets and toques are available in many versions for both kids and adults. However, while choosing a helmet, you should not put the aesthetic properties first. A helmet should fit your head well, staying stable in one position. You should pay attention if the helmet can be adjusted and if it has proper ventilation (air outlets and sweat-absorbent liners).